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 Armonizzatore Cosmico

from higher dimensions, innovative tools

for self-treatment and vital Energy.

By focusing on holistic health and healing

of consciousness, one is in awareness.

 Extraordinary Healing takes place with the connect of divine dimensions of Light and Love involves change and transformation

of human energies; from negative to positive.
It follows the immediate elimination of blockages, trauma, toxins, which cause the disease.

Eros Ferrari Sulewal
Was born in Italy in 1969.
At 23 he began his career abroad but over time he
realized that he was losing the
lightness with which he had left and turned into a
traveler with his Soul.
So, almost by chance,
he begins to meet masters and visit sacred places and
continents, realizing that the energy he encountered
contributed to improving the quality of life.
He follows courses of various disciplines,
he experiments the energy of the pyramids,
energy of oceans and Shiva eye shells,
becoming Master Reiki, Holistic Trainer,
Create innovation in self-treatment for well-being and health,
with a practice called Energy Superpower,
with which the energy is channeled in a few seconds.
It also produces innovative energy tools for self-treatment called
Grande Armonia Cosmica (Great Cosmic Harmony).
He now teaches how to practice self-therapy,
with refined but simple techniques and tools for self-treatment
teaches it in a few minutes how our energy can be changed,
also with the aid of energy tools.
They are able to heal and correct the imbalances

and unlocking the energy blocks and trauma.


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Light Love Happiness & Gratitude.
The immediate benefits;
Relax, calm, peacefulness and restful sleep
In mid-term you get;
Independence, freedom, fortune and Spiritual Awareness.
Long term you will get;
Harmony, longlasting Happiness in Life and repair the DNA.
Light and Love Amulets and Jewels
Has the mission to share innovative non-invasive tools and methods with immediate effect in psycho-physical well-being.
These amulets are known for the self-healing powers that owners receive through transmission or activation and alignment with Universal Light and Love.
They also have good luck powers,
è are jewels that give protection to its owner.
Necklaces bracelets and rings with precious stones, with Shiva’s eye or tears; and other specially designed symbols.
They are built in Bali, famous for being the island of divinities.Self-treatment has the power of a ritual; ocurs by transmission in seconds; therefore who used them to be able to activate the natural self-healing abilities, that is Personal empowerment. (Empowerment)
They acquire relaxation, clarity, detox,
and Universal Love, etc. etc.For Orders and choice of the most suitable amulet for your needs?
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Alternative & Holistic Health Service in Ubud Bali